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Metaphors for Change

The human mind uses a conceptual system to organise data and that system is unique for each individual. In this workshop, you learn...

Therapeutic Interventions

Emotional health is equally important as physical health, if not more. As we age, we develop certain patterns which may no longer be serving us any good.

Metaphors for Change

The primary function of your brain, is to keep you safe. Sometimes it does so by focussing your attention to things going wrong...

Future Sculpting (Basic)

There are various modalities that teach you about human behaviour and how to work with people. Future Sculpting is an easy, evidence...

Future Sculpting (Advance)

The Advance Version of Future Sculpting hands you over more tools to use, analytics to read people like an open book and predict their...

Dr Srabani Basu

Professor & Educator

” ‘Nainam chhindanti sastrani nainam dahati pavakah
Na cainam kledayanty apo na sosayati marutah’

Simplified this shlok from the Bhagwad Gita highlights the invincibility of the Self. To understand that the Self is invincible one needs to understand his or her own self. How do you do that?

The simple answer is by attending the courses offered by Anchor NLP.

The best possible place to bring you face to face with your personal reality. And the journey does not stop there. You can go on reinventing, recreating, rejuvenating yourself.

Col Sudip Mukerjee and Poonam Tewari Jalan are modern day miracle makers. Their biggest contribution being enabling you to make miracles with your life.”

Shefali Anurag

Public Relations Professional, Bangkok

“Have you ever wondered why you feel certain things when you see a shape, hear a sound or someone talks to you a certain way? Ever wondered why? Everything has a reason and is a puzzle piece to something bigger!

I recently learnt why I was having dreams about people, and it changed my entire perspective. I even learnt why I had chosen to get certain tattoos in particular places. That said, when I took the workshop, it unlocked everything in me that was stuck! I’ve never been more me, ever.”

If you’re looking for a map to the world and are exhausted of carrying baggage that may not even be yours, here is the key to revamp your life!”

Angira Chakravorty Dasgupta

Founder Director, Healing Rhyyithm

“I have always been attracted to Metaphors because I used a lot of metaphors in the language I used. But I neither knew the depths from which they emerge nor their connotations.

Being a Movement Practitioner where the body constantly communicates in metaphors I was extremely keen to learn in depth about the same.

The workshop on Metaphors and Dreams opened up avenues that were unexplored by me. I discovered a bunch of my underlying meanings that my language holds, and since then I have taken my learnings to the moving space where it keeps surprising me with its implications.”

Suhani Sharma

Psychologist, Delhi

“I was interested in this workshop as I realised that a lot of people, along with mental issues, also go through physical ailments. And often in my training as a Psychologist, I felt that the mind-body connection was missing.

I understand that how you feel makes your body manifest symptoms in your system. I wanted to know what is actually going behind say depression or migraines.

This workshop felt like an MD Training for three days, Sudip and Poonam very beautifully broke down the processes and explained all the physiological symptoms were scientifically explained. People can now see their journey of healing and their diseases in a new light and live happily without pain.”

Sarvesh Gupta

Business Owner, Crane-Bel International Private Limited

“This workshop has been quite detailed and totally different perspective, on how things happen, why they are so in our life. This is the first time I am being exposed to this concept, to be honest.

I have never seen anywhere the way things are so clearly portrayed and if you see it for yourself you will say- “Oh, my God! Really?”

I think Col Sudip Mukerjee is an amazing person because whatever things I have personally asked he could answer, immediately, in a fraction of second. He had all the answers with him.

I think I am more open, and much educated -seeing things from a totally new perspective.”


By utilising our human behaviour analytics and research into neuroscience and linguistics which we have tested on more than 10000 people and figured out the key to success and efficiency

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