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Most Small and Medium sized Businesses are people oriented. That means the owner is everywhere – building strategy, running operations...

Negotiations are part of every business. And having an upper hand changes the dynamics with you being in control. Who in your organisation would...

Future Sculpting (Advance)

You have worked all your life for someone, given your heart and soul. Now is the time for you to venture out with your unique skillset...

Akshay Sharma

Axis Enterprises, Noida

“I work in our family business of a Manufacturing unit. We had our processes in place but we did not have complete command over all verticals, processes and strategies.

I wanted to get into the details and delegate work to the right people so that the organisation became more efficient in a more process-oriented way. I did not know how to make each person accountable.

Col Sudip Mukerjee has given me a lot of clarity on how to do things, on how to reach my end goal and I am sure that I will be able to put all that I have learnt into good use and get results that I have only been thinking of so far.”

Arpit Goyal

CEO Anaiah Entertainment, Noida

This workshop helped new Entrepreneurs like me in understanding their own personal approach towards devising personal business plans and to reorient neural patterns so as to maximise personal potential by overcoming self-limiting thoughts and activities.

Col Sudip Mukerjee inspired me and in times where I doubted myself and wondered if I should just ‘tough it out.’ Overall he has helped me understand what I want, and create focussed business strategies in order to achieve that.”

Prateek Modi

CEO Modifyed Digital, Noida

“I signed up for the PRM Program of Col Sudip Mukerjee. And I’m extremely glad I made that choice. The program was a crash course in business management with all the right tools, strategies, and concepts taught in a crisp, actionable and deceptively simple method.

My whole perception, way of working and vision has evolved and Sir made me realize that I was running an entire business, without having a concrete plan in place! Col Sudip has a unique combination of three ingredients – deep understanding of human psychology, a vast business expertise and a military discipline – which ensures that he intuitively understood what personal challenges I was going through, share a customised plan of action that I could implement and grow in my business.

I am actually able to win projects at 2X the value than what I would have normally charged. PRM and working with this master of the mind, has been an invaluable investment!”

Amit Seth

Seth Associates, Lawyer High Court

“PRM is a singularly unique workshop conceptualised and designed by Col Sudip Mukerjee of Anchor NLP, to help professionals and business owners in understanding their own personal approach towards devising personal business plans and to reorient neural patterns so as to maximize personal potential by overcoming self-limiting thoughts and activities.

It may sound complex, but while recently undergoing the workshop, I not only discovered my own neural patterns, but was also empowered to devise, plan and execute a formal business plan for myself, which I had not done in almost two decades as a professional running a highly successful Law Firm.

This has provided me more focussed and calibrated approach towards devising new plans and executing them with consummate ease.”

Harry Ashar

Harry Ashar Consultancies, Mumbai (Business Consultant

“My intention was to understand how I can negotiate better with people who I come across as my clients to pay for my services as a Business Consultant.

I have got more than what I expected. Sudip was really fantastic in explaining the nuances of the whole spectrum from someone who is not known to someone who is very well known to me.”

Divya Gandhi

CEO Emkay Insurance Brokers Ltd, Mumbai

“When I heard about a session on Negotiations I was wondering how it will work.

I wanted to become an expert negotiator in three domains
(a) employees as regards to their remuneration
(b) with my clients in fixing my remuneration
(c) fixing with my investor.

Sudip made me see the solution which I had but wasn’t aware of and the way he explained, I realized, how much, small things which we thought were insignificant are so important.

I learnt how I could command the price I want and create value for myself.”


By utilising our human behaviour analytics and research into neuroscience and linguistics which we have tested on more than 10000 people and figured out the key to success and efficiency

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