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Ashutosh Mishra

Media Professional, Jaipur

“The leadership coaching that has been imparted by Col Sudip is a life changing experience.

It has helped me realize the obstacles that were impeding my professional growth. My confidence level has gone up. I am consistently delivering my numbers even in the present economic scenario due to his guidance.

My family life has also improved as he helped me change my focus. I strongly recommend aspiring middle and top managers to undergo leadership coaching by Col Sudip and experience the change in themselves.”

Sheena Sahni Vora

Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer

“Anchor NLP courses and workshops, conducted by Col Sudip Mukerjee and coordinated by Poonam Jalan, are treasure chests of knowledge, which when I imbibed and implemented in my life, made my life simpler and easier to navigate. I learnt that each persons Map of the World is different and therefore no two people will have the same view of any situation. I also learned that people have different primary modalities and I am now able to identify the same and communicate using their modality thus making my communication effective.

I highly recommend Anchor NLP courses and workshops as I have experienced the benefits I gained directly as a result of implementing whatever I learnt during the courses and workshops I have attended.”

Taraa Vermaa Senguptaa

Founder Director Chrysalis

“Had I known being self employed would mean having to sell even more than I did in my corporate job, I may have never quit!

But I have keep selling – my expertise, my value proposition and not just the services I offer. The Sales Workshop with Sudip was an eye opener which gave me never before insights into common errors we make while selling and manoeuvring pitch discussions and negotiations the right way.

I have used his techniques over and over and they always work!”

Kirti Saklecha

Director Ajanta International

Increasing Sales is always a bone of contention for an SME.

Col Sudip Mukerjee really has something to offer for clinching a sale whatever hurdles may be there. Now I will be much more effective in clearing these hurdles.

I have really gained a lot – he has made it really simple.”

Ashok Bhat

Director Premium Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

“I’ve been in the business since the last six years. When I came here, during the first couple of hours of the day I was astonished. My… uh you know… my thinking completely changed.

I understood that it is much more than just the techniques and some of the things and tools that people talk about. It is my honor that I have been associated with Col Sudip Mukerjee and learned a lot of things from him.

I now know how to understand the customers mindset and how to understand his needs and requirements and therefore influence his decision making process successfully.”

Dr Srabani Basu

Professor & Educator

” ‘Nainam chhindanti sastrani nainam dahati pavakah
Na cainam kledayanty apo na sosayati marutah’

Simplified this shlok from the Bhagwad Gita highlights the invincibility of the Self. To understand that the Self is invincible one needs to understand his or her own self. How do you do that?

The simple answer is by attending the courses offered by Anchor NLP.

The best possible place to bring you face to face with your personal reality. And the journey does not stop there. You can go on reinventing, recreating, rejuvenating yourself.

Col Sudip Mukerjee and Poonam Tewari Jalan are modern day miracle makers. Their biggest contribution being enabling you to make miracles with your life.”

Shefali Anurag

Public Relations Professional, Bangkok

“Have you ever wondered why you feel certain things when you see a shape, hear a sound or someone talks to you a certain way? Ever wondered why? Everything has a reason and is a puzzle piece to something bigger!

I recently learnt why I was having dreams about people, and it changed my entire perspective. I even learnt why I had chosen to get certain tattoos in particular places. That said, when I took the workshop, it unlocked everything in me that was stuck! I’ve never been more me, ever.”

If you’re looking for a map to the world and are exhausted of carrying baggage that may not even be yours, here is the key to revamp your life!”

Angira Chakravorty Dasgupta

Founder Director, Healing Rhyyithm

“I have always been attracted to Metaphors because I used a lot of metaphors in the language I used. But I neither knew the depths from which they emerge nor their connotations.

Being a Movement Practitioner where the body constantly communicates in metaphors I was extremely keen to learn in depth about the same.

The workshop on Metaphors and Dreams opened up avenues that were unexplored by me. I discovered a bunch of my underlying meanings that my language holds, and since then I have taken my learnings to the moving space where it keeps surprising me with its implications.”

Saloni Shrivastav

CEO Your Space Solutions

“Col Sudip Mukerjee has this incredible skill to identify what is holding a person back. He creates extraordinary content for his trainings and one on one sessions and once applied can never fail.

He empowers his participants to create their own processes and strategies as per as their understanding and learning and I am certain that whether you are a sole proprietor, an MSME or a huge MNC, his knowledge and his skill in transferring that knowledge can really ramp up your efficiency.”

Col Ajay Singh

CEO, Navyug InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd

“Right from the initial brief to execution, I found Col Sudip Mukerjee to be completely professional and focussed in his approach and he conducted the program impeccably and received excellent feedback from all the participants.

Col Sudip deciphered the traits and attributes and brought out very accurately what their strengths were and how best they could leverage it to make the right decisions and enhance their careers.

His analysis gave me a deeper perception of myself which will stand me in good stead in both my professional and personal life. This was the sentiment that was shared by all participants as well.”

Pramod Kanoujia

CEO CRM Loanmoney

“Loanmoney, my company, are Loan providers from over 25 Banks and Non Banking Financial Companies and specialize in Mortgage and Unsecured Loans.

My team constitutes a Sales Team, Field Staff, Credit Executives and Management exceeding 40 in strength with people at various levels of intellect, communication skills and awareness.

After Col Sudip Mukerjee’s work with us, I can feel the positive vibration in my Team. He also helped some of the staff dealing with personal issues and helped them resolve those. He is experienced, efficient and extremely reliable.”

Suhani Sharma

Psychologist, Delhi

“I was interested in this workshop as I realised that a lot of people, along with mental issues, also go through physical ailments. And often in my training as a Psychologist, I felt that the mind-body connection was missing.

I understand that how you feel makes your body manifest symptoms in your system. I wanted to know what is actually going behind say depression or migraines.

This workshop felt like an MD Training for three days, Sudip and Poonam very beautifully broke down the processes and explained all the physiological symptoms were scientifically explained. People can now see their journey of healing and their diseases in a new light and live happily without pain.”

Sarvesh Gupta

Business Owner, Crane-Bel International Private Limited

“This workshop has been quite detailed and totally different perspective, on how things happen, why they are so in our life. This is the first time I am being exposed to this concept, to be honest.

I have never seen anywhere the way things are so clearly portrayed and if you see it for yourself you will say- “Oh, my God! Really?”

I think Col Sudip Mukerjee is an amazing person because whatever things I have personally asked he could answer, immediately, in a fraction of second. He had all the answers with him.

I think I am more open, and much educated -seeing things from a totally new perspective.”

Akshay Sharma

Axis Enterprises, Noida

“I work in our family business of a Manufacturing unit. We had our processes in place but we did not have complete command over all verticals, processes and strategies.

I wanted to get into the details and delegate work to the right people so that the organisation became more efficient in a more process-oriented way. I did not know how to make each person accountable.

Col Sudip Mukerjee has given me a lot of clarity on how to do things, on how to reach my end goal and I am sure that I will be able to put all that I have learnt into good use and get results that I have only been thinking of so far.”

Arpit Goyal

CEO Anaiah Entertainment, Noida

This workshop helped new Entrepreneurs like me in understanding their own personal approach towards devising personal business plans and to reorient neural patterns so as to maximise personal potential by overcoming self-limiting thoughts and activities.

Col Sudip Mukerjee inspired me and in times where I doubted myself and wondered if I should just ‘tough it out.’ Overall he has helped me understand what I want, and create focussed business strategies in order to achieve that.”

Prateek Modi

CEO Modifyed Digital, Noida

“I signed up for the PRM Program of Col Sudip Mukerjee. And I’m extremely glad I made that choice. The program was a crash course in business management with all the right tools, strategies, and concepts taught in a crisp, actionable and deceptively simple method.

My whole perception, way of working and vision has evolved and Sir made me realize that I was running an entire business, without having a concrete plan in place! Col Sudip has a unique combination of three ingredients – deep understanding of human psychology, a vast business expertise and a military discipline – which ensures that he intuitively understood what personal challenges I was going through, share a customised plan of action that I could implement and grow in my business.

I am actually able to win projects at 2X the value than what I would have normally charged. PRM and working with this master of the mind, has been an invaluable investment!”

Amit Seth

Seth Associates, Lawyer High Court

“PRM is a singularly unique workshop conceptualised and designed by Col Sudip Mukerjee of Anchor NLP, to help professionals and business owners in understanding their own personal approach towards devising personal business plans and to reorient neural patterns so as to maximize personal potential by overcoming self-limiting thoughts and activities.

It may sound complex, but while recently undergoing the workshop, I not only discovered my own neural patterns, but was also empowered to devise, plan and execute a formal business plan for myself, which I had not done in almost two decades as a professional running a highly successful Law Firm.

This has provided me more focussed and calibrated approach towards devising new plans and executing them with consummate ease.”

Harry Ashar

Harry Ashar Consultancies, Mumbai (Business Consultant

“My intention was to understand how I can negotiate better with people who I come across as my clients to pay for my services as a Business Consultant.

I have got more than what I expected. Sudip was really fantastic in explaining the nuances of the whole spectrum from someone who is not known to someone who is very well known to me.”

Divya Gandhi

CEO Emkay Insurance Brokers Ltd, Mumbai

“When I heard about a session on Negotiations I was wondering how it will work.

I wanted to become an expert negotiator in three domains
(a) employees as regards to their remuneration
(b) with my clients in fixing my remuneration
(c) fixing with my investor.

Sudip made me see the solution which I had but wasn’t aware of and the way he explained, I realized, how much, small things which we thought were insignificant are so important.

I learnt how I could command the price I want and create value for myself.”

Nidhi Sharma

Executive & Career Coach

“If one is seeking forward movement in life with complete honesty, then Sudip is the coach to look for.

Logical, empathetic and yet brutally honest, nudging and pushing to do be your best version. I had impact-full insights into myself thanks to Sudip’s brilliant coaching and support.

A professional to the core, he brings so much in-depth observations on the table that lead to much self realizations and hence actions.”

Khajaram Bhaduri

Hospitality Professional, Delhi

“For a long time I was thinking of my own development and enhancement and this was the best that I enrolled for.

The amount of importance and the amount of attention Sudip gives for your development, understanding and fluidity of his way of conveying the points is something that will remain in my memory for quite a long time.

If you are interested in your own development as a human, and prepared to take your understanding to the next level, this is for you.”

Rujiphorn Thechataweerit

Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Bangkok

“I was working as a Consultant in IT Companies and was unhappy in life not knowing what to do and where to go.

You never know who you are that is a major problem, more or less, for many people not just only me. Some people know sometime what they need, know what they want but actually it may not be something that they are looking for. They want something beyond that and I was also the same. I was thinking of myself what others wanted me to think – that wasn’t who I am. All this while, I was working as if I was someone else.

After the sessions, I have accepted who I am, changed my profession and am very very happy following my passion.”

Gagandeep Kaler

Corporate Trainer & Coach, Gurugram

“As a person I was laid back and I was not prioritizing.

Now after this, it is easy to prioritize what I want to do. It was easy to give up my fears and it was easy to help others and I’ll probably carry on like this forever. I do feel emotionally independent, I can take my own decisions.

There is a major change in myself, and what I thought was huge and led to self-harming thoughts are so insignificant to me now. As far as my emotions are concerned I know when to react and when not to react; when to control when not to control; when to express and when not to express; and I know what to say and what not to say.”

Neeraj Deshwal

Holistic Healer & Yoga Coach, Delhi

“I was I was a very quiet guy, sitting at the corner not saying anything. Now, I’m much more confident.

We worked on an issue that was that happened while I was in the womb. Nobody would have sorted that issue out, nobody. Poonam helped me to find the issue and we had a talk that well sort this out and I was like… how is it possible? I trusted the process and it worked really well for me.

I’m really really thankful to Col Sudip Mukerjee and Poonam for sorting this out for me. I’ll be thankful for the rest of my life for this.”


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