Your designation now has a suffix appended: “Retd.” People around treat you as “retired” and there are cultural views on what is retired lifestyle.

It is not working for you. You do not perceive yourself as retired and you are unable to behave like one. You find your till now famous energy dipping, your spirits low. You find yourself unhappy and demotivated. You have so much to give back to society and yet you are being made to feel obsolete and redundant.

Remember that sunsets mark the beginning of a new magical cycle of the sky where stars reveal themselves.

Turbocharge Your Life is a One Day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Clarify your thought process and find purpose.
  • Start a business venture or project or find a job in area of expertise.
  • Figure out what motivates you and your value hierarchy, and design projects accordingly.
  • Create a model that gives you returns, monetary or otherwise and provides positive affirmation.

Open to all retirees or those about to retire after decades of work. Also, for mothers, who want to do something about their careers after spending years tending to their children fulltime.

Attend and launch yourself into the future.