Therapeutic Interventions

In every conscious reaction, perception becomes sensation when our interest is in what happens at the moment in our body, rather than outside it. The image of our body and its relation to space is an essential element in every sensation. A sensory experience receives its affective charge when it reaches the thalamus. From the thalamus it travels simultaneously in three directions – the pallid striated motor system (where it elicits the spontaneous motor response), the limbic system (where it elicits the emotional response) and the neo cortex (where qualities of clarity, precision, and awareness are formed).

Any significant emotional event (SEE) creates a shock in a part of the brain, and the corresponding body part gets affected. Unless that issue is addressed and released by the person, a psychosomatic disorder manifests.

Therapeutic interventions not only work for neurological conditions but physical ailments as well as with allergies, addictions and even issues like migraine.