You want to or have set up your own business maybe as a second inning when you realised that your creativity was being stepped on at work. You are passionate about your venture. This is exactly what you know you want to do.

You may have hit upon the business idea suddenly or maybe deep dived into it. Now you find yourself floundering in the waters, not knowing which way to swim or sometimes even where the shore is. Or you find it difficult to cross the uncertain terrain or hit a plateau where your brilliant creativity seems blunt.

You can change that.

Sell Sharp Grow Fast  is a Two-Day workshop where Entrepreneurs will learn how to:

  • Convert passion into a full-fledged business and run it like one.
  • Identify and shed limiting cultural frameworks around entrepreneurship.
  • Develop positive relationship with money and learn how to price and market products/services effectively.
  • Discover the ocean beyond the well and be able to tap larger/diverse markets
  • Develop, analyse and improve blueprint for the business.
  • Figure out USP and how to position in the market accordingly.

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to raise the level of their game or get out of the rut they are stuck in and watch the money start flowing with small tweaks in their thinking patterns.

This program has been crafted using tenets of Consumer Neuroscience + Psychology of Thrift + The NLP Communication Model + Interrogation Techniques used in the Army + FBI Hostage Negotiation Techniques and aids in clearing out resistance that your client/vendor/competitor/colleague may have to your ideas and accept what you say as their own.