Personal Reconfiguration and Metamorphosis
We make rules in our head because of our experiences, convert them into ‘beliefs’ and navigate through life based on those beliefs, long after they have become obsolete and inconsequential without cognitive awareness that we are indeed stuck in past non-resourceful patterns.

How we function
Suppose you play basketball and concentrate on the basket to the utmost – you will never, or nearly never, have the leisure to do so unless you are alone in front of the basket. When there are two teams playing, the opening for a throw is a short, fleeting instant in which you have to attend not only to the basket, but to the players around you, and to the balance and posture that enable you to perform a useful throw.
The best players are those who attend to the continually changing position of their own players as well as to those of the opposing team. Most of the time, their concentration is directed to a very large area or space; the basket is just kept dimly in the background of their awareness, from where it can – at the most fleeting opportunity – become the center of attention.
In general, it is not what we do that is important, but how we do it.
The Human Psychological State
We are so drilled or wired-in by prevailing created patterns that when we know what is required of us, we go all-out to achieve it, regardless of what it costs us to do so. We have it instilled in our system that we must succeed. We will bite our lips, hold our breath, and strain our self in an ugly way to achieve something if we have no clear idea of how to mobilize ourselves for that task. The result is excessive effort, harmful strain, and ugly performance leading to stress, inefficiency and delayed success.
The knowledge, of how the brain functions, and how we can change it, can help you to reach your inborn potential in the best way and avoid giving you just another opportunity for using yourself in the accustomed way.
By reducing the urge to achieve, and attending also to the means for achieving, we learn easier. By focusing on achieving – we lose the incentive for learning and, therefore, accept a lower level than the potential we are endowed with.
When we change the focus from the final achievement by attending efficiently to our means, we set ourselves a higher level of achievement. On knowing what to achieve before we have learned to learn, we can reach only the limit of our ignorance, which is often general. Such limits are intrinsically lower than those we can foresee after knowing better. And this is true in case of ability, finances, human communication, and last and perhaps the most important, peace and harmony in life.
In a series of 6 half day sessions, selected entrepreneurs (heads of their respective organizations) will be coached through NLP to increase efficiency and break the boundaries that they have created through their experiences.
Curriculum Covered

  • Elicitation and reconfiguration of beliefs and values.
  • Language and Metaphors used in communication and deep structure of thought.
  • Mind Body connect and communication utilizing the power of the unconscious mind to be more efficient.
  • Identification and collapsing of self-sabotaging beliefs.
  • Business Model adopted and fine tuning the model.
  • Setting of goals in a way that would ensure achievement of milestones in a progressive efficient cycle of continuous growth.