The NLP Practitioner Programme is designed to help you and your clients develop a user manual for your brain. If you want to master the art of effective communication and building rapport; either to extend you own knowledge or to use the experience within a coaching environment, then the NLP Practitioner Programme is for you.

What is the NLP Practitioner Programme?

The NLP Practitioner Programme is a 6 day course that is designed to empower you to become a coach and learn how thought patterns of people work and how to help them overcome their limiting beliefs. Developing NLP Practitioner skills will help achieve outstanding and quicker results with your clients and yourself.

The Programme empowers YOU as an individual. Your thoughts have a powerful effect over your feelings and create your behaviours. One of the greatest gifts you will give yourself from this programme is how to have greater control over your thoughts and feelings – no matter what is happening in your environment to affect you! And in addition, you can go beyond the words spoken by people to the thought behind them and address deep issues of clients, without them having to tell you about it.

What you will learn

  • How to manage your emotional state and choose how you feel despite any situation you find yourself in and how to share this knowledge with others
  • How to use the power of your mind to easily and effortlessly overcome any bad feelings or associations you have to situations, people, places and things.
  • The power of Language. Uncover the hidden meanings in what people say. Artful ways to loosen limiting beliefs in others. Wakening people out of their own limiting language.
  • Find out how people motivate themselves (and don’t!). Identify what drives people to behave in certain ways and to change it.
  • Learn thought pattern re engineering techniques – so as to change the way people think in order to empower them.
  • Learn how to negotiate better so that you are at an advantage.
  • Help people overcome conflict – within themselves and with others – so that they can move forward without being hooked back into un-resourceful positions.