Anchor NLP Master Practitioner training takes you to the next stage of knowing and understanding Neuro Linguistic Programming as a field.


The 7-day training moves you beyond mere learning and rote application of techniques to grasping the know-how to create your own technique for a given context. It will hone your perceptual skills and show you how to piece together the modelling principles of NLP to design your own pathways. You will also learn advanced applications as a Coach, a Trainer or a Therapist.

Essentially, you will understand the intricacies of brain patterns and what makes people tick so that you can diagnose and pinpoint the core issue effectively, reach in using appropriate methodology and help your clients make the desired mental shift.

You will gain a deeper understanding of language and how people operate their everyday lives using unique metaphors. You will learn how to elicit those metaphors and use it to help your client move out of problem states in non-intrusive, highly creative, and very effective ways.


Upon completing the 7-day NLP Master Practitioner Certification you would be able to identify patterns of the client, analyse and help them re-engineer their brains to change patterns, emotion and  therefore, their behaviour.  During the course you will develop these new abilities:

1) The ability to create new patterns for specific applications

2) The ability to model skills and behaviours, including talents and values that are not normally considered teachable

3) The ability to understand, work with and influence using metaphors.

4) Advance language patterns, what do they mean and how they can be used to your advantage.

5) How to break down NLP Techniques learnt at Practitioner level and use them conversationally.

6) Understand the neuroscience behind behaviour.

7) Figure out and implement the most effective way to interact and empower clients.

You will gain new perspective, increased flexibility and a stronger grasp of how human beings structure their experience, change their experience and use language to create new possibilities.

Prerequisites for Master Practitioner Course with Anchor NLP:

  • Should be able to strip down Surface Structure and Build upto Deep Structure of Language using Meta Models
  • Clear understanding and ability to differentiate between process, patterns and content.
  • Understanding on how NLP Practitioner Techniques work (the technique, how it changes the patterns and when it should or should not be used)
  • Understand, elicit and change Meta Programs

For NLP Practitioners who have not trained with Anchor NLP and are unable to meet the above prerequisites, a 3-day Orientation Program shall be conducted one month prior to the Master Practitioner Course. This will bridge the gap in learning and help you navigate the topics covered in Master Practitioner effortlessly.