You and your child stay in the same house physically, eat (with lots of struggle sometimes) the same food and look similar physically. However there are two cubicles.

One in which you sit and worry about your child. You want him/her to succeed and you think you know how they can. You fret about their future and well-being and are upset you can’t get through to your child.

The second in which your child sits puzzled and upset with what they perceive as parental intrusion. They are irritated with lack of acceptance by their parents. They have their plans on how to succeed and they believe they know better.

Sounds familiar?

Hand Hold to Succeed gets you both out of your cubicles, sit out in open with each other and communicate.

It is a unique One Day Parent-Child workshop where the duo will learn:

  • How the other thinks and get to the root of communication issues.
  • How the problems have been framed and decode to discover common goals.
  • How to align interests and find solutions to issues together.
  • About hormonal changes and other physiological issues associated with growing up.
  • The art and science of communicating positively and transform your relationship.
  • The parent will learn how to hand hold their child to succeed.
  • The child will learn how to consider the parent as an ally.

This workshop is open to any Parent-Child duo where the child is ten years and above.