Parenting is a challenging and often exasperating process. And it’s an on-the-job-continuously-changing game.

You seek advice from co-parents. You recollect how you were parented and either decide to imitate what your parents did or compensate for what they did not. You even read parenting books and columns and wonder how so-and-so despite being the moron he is has got his daughter to excel.

None of this has helped make parenting easy and you continue to feel fragile and unsure.

If you want to change that, Empowering Parents is a One Day workshop where you will:

  • Understand how you think and how others think.
  • Understand parental dynamics and common issues that crop up.
  • Figure out and establish your place and role in family dynamics.
  • Decode your expectations, uncover core issues and reframe problems.
  • Access a versatile toolkit to creatively build up strategies to resolve recurring parenting issues.

This workshop is open to all parents irrespective of your or your child’s age.