Efficiency Coaching

Each person has his/her own brain strategies and cerebral patterns to navigate through life. These patterns have been built from their experiences – some about what have worked for them in the past that they want to continue doing, some which have not worked and which they want to but are unable to change.

Usually Coaches give templated solutions to the person they are coaching – figure out the ‘what’ the coach should do. The limitation is that this process does not merge or synthesise with the innate talents or strategies of the coachee – they already have strategies and patterns which are working for them. My approach is to model the creativity and resources of the individual and make them aware of how they do the things that are working, how they do the things that are not working – and the difference between the two.

Entrepreneurs, Professionals in jobs, Teachers and Trainers, even people looking to figure out what they need to do with their lives – can all benefit from Efficiency Coaching.