One of the most pressing issues within business today is the attraction and retention of talent, with recruiters even describing a “talent war”.

But what if the most talented people within a business could be easily replicated? What if the hidden perceptions, attitudes and thought processes which drive high performance could be decoded and transferred from one person to another – literally, from one mind to another?

NLP modelling is the process of representing the patterns of organisation of the specific skills and results of excellence of an exemplar; first in one’s own system, then subsequently in a form which can be taught to other people. The evidence of successful modelling is when the modeller’s performance achieves similar results within the same context and time frame as that demonstrated by the exemplar. It requires a tacit modelling phase of unconsciously taking up the skill. This is followed by a period of use before a final a phase of building an explicit description for transfer to others.

Modelling can be effectively used to codify excellence of top performers and install the same code in average to above average performers in order to raise the bar of excellence and increase productivity.

Behavioural Ethnography Projects

This is a specialised service for companies to deeply understand the unarticulated wants/needs/beliefs of their employees, and to learn how to motivate employees and cohesively align them towards the companies culture and vision.

Companies suffer and productivity flags when employees are not motivated enough to consistently produce excellence. Behavioural Ethnography Projects effectively ascertains issues and arms management with the tools to address them.

Carved out from Behavioural Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming, one on one interviews with employees gives out their Motivation and Working Traits which are then worked upon to empower and align them towards company goals and improve performance.